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Hamptons Employment Agency – voted the # 1 “Best Domestic Agency” by Dan’s Papers for 11 consecutive years (2012-2022), and seen in magazines such as Avenue, Hamptons, and Social Life – is here to help you find an experienced Groundskeeper to help you maintain a beautiful outside environment on your property. We currently place Groundskeepers in The Hamptons and on the rest of Long Island.

A brief overview of a Groundskeeper’s responsibilities is provided below. The overview describes core duties that Groundskeepers perform. The exact responsibilities required by your Groundskeeper will depend on your particular needs and circumstances.

If you would like additional information on hiring a Groundskeeper, please contact us today at 631-204-1100.  All consultations with Hamptons Employment Agency’s Residential Staffing Specialists are no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential.

Groundskeeper Description

A Private Groundskeeper is a domestic professional who maintains landscaping, gardens, and other outdoor features to maintain an attractive appearance and proper functionality. To perform their job, a Groundskeeper must possess a wide range of knowledge of horticulture, pest control, and weed control. Moreover, Groundskeepers are skilled in the use of a range of groundskeeping equipment, such as lawn mowers, tractors, trimmers, edgers, leaf blowers, etc.

Although Groundskeepers often follow a site plan created by a landscape architect, many Groundskeepers are skilled in envisioning and executing new landscape design features, and they enjoy help beautifying their employer’s property.

In the Hamptons and the rest of Long Island, a Private Groundskeeper’s salary depends on the Employer’s particular job requirements and the type and scope of the groundskeeping work to be performed. Benefits, perks, and other forms of compensation provided by the Employer also affect salary requirements for a Residential Groundskeeper.

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