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executive housekeeperLooking for an Experienced Executive Housekeeper to Ensure the Housekeeping at Your Residence Runs Smoothly?

The team at Hamptons Employment Agency, Inc. is here to help you find an Executive Housekeeper with management experience to help make sure that your residence is cared for properly.  Our award-winning firm was voted the # 1 “Best Domestic Agency” by Dan’s Papers readers for 11 consecutive years (2012-2022), and we’ve been featured in magazines such as Avenue, Hamptons, and Social Life. Our goal is to increase your peace of mind and make your life easier by finding you the right Executive Housekeeper for your unique needs and preferences.

Among the core geographic regions for which we place Head Housekeepers are: The Hamptons and Long Island; the Greater New York City Area (including Connecticut and New Jersey); the Boston and New England Area; the San Francisco Bay Area; and Florida.

A summary description of the Executive Housekeeper position is detailed below. It offers a general overview of typical responsibilities and compensation for Head Housekeepers. Depending on your unique needs, certain additional duties may be required while others are found to be unnecessary.

For additional information on our Executive Domestic Housekeepers, including Live-In Head Housekeepers and Live-Out Head Housekeepers, please contact us today. All consultations with us are no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential.

Executive Housekeeper / Head Housekeeper Description

An Executive Housekeeper (or Head Housekeeper) is responsible for managing other Housekeepers and subordinate domestic staff members. In general, the staff of a large residence is divided into departments, and the Executive Housekeeper oversees all the female domestic workers except for the kitchen staff, who report to the Chef, and the between staff, who may report to the Butler.

As the Executive Housekeeper is ultimately responsible for the work of the rest of the Housekeepers on staff, the Head Housekeeper manages the following activities: interior and exterior cleaning, laundering of clothes and linens, ironing, dusting, silver polishing, vacuuming, pet care, and supplies management. Head Housekeepers may be live-in or live-out, depending on the employer’s needs. Moreover, Executive Housekeepers are generally hands-on in their daily work, guiding other Housekeepers to simply get done what needs to be done.

Salary for an Executive Domestic Housekeeper depends on the location, the particular job requirements, and the level of experience of the Head Housekeeper Applicant. Benefits, perks, and other forms of compensation provided also affect salary requirements.

Our Residential Staffing Professionals can help you find the right Executive Housekeeper for a range of positions, including the following:

  • Long Island, NY Executive Housekeeper (Hamptons, Gold Coast, etc.)
  • New York City Executive Housekeeper
  • Boston Area/New England Executive Housekeeper (MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, CT)
  • Connecticut Executive Housekeeper
  • New Jersey Executive Housekeeper
  • Florida Executive Housekeeper
  • San Francisco Bay Area Executive Housekeeper

We also serve other areas (please contact us for more information).

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