The Finishing Touch Etiquette Program

table settingThe Finishing Touch is an international social etiquette program designed to help you make a positive first and lasting impression, enabling you to flourish in society as well as to engage with, receive, and entertain others with the utmost refinement. Our European Etiquette Specialist will focus with you on the art of entertaining and being entertained, how to dress for the occasion (dependent on which event you are invited to), and the art of the table.

The Finishing Touch Etiquette Program will help you to:

  • Become more in tune with an elite lifestyle and social expectations
  • Master social etiquette skills with an emphasis on personal presentation, manners, and thoughtful behavior
  • Build confidence in formal, as well as in contemporary, social situations
  • Polish your overall image, including verbal and non-verbal elements, in order to project a more refined persona
  • Cultivate the cultural awareness necessary to socialize or work effectively internationally

The modules for The Finishing Touch Etiquette Program include:

  • International Social Etiquette & The Art of Networking and Socializing
  • Personal Image & Society Dress Codes
  • The Art of Entertaining & Being Entertained
  • Posture, Poise & Deportment
  • International Body Language
  • The Art of the Table
  • Elegant Formal Dining Tutorial
  • The Art of Communication
  • The Etiquette of English Afternoon Tea

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