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Your first step to apply for domestic jobs with us, is to do a brief, 10-minute online Video Interview. Then we’ll ask you to submit our online Applicant Agreement. Once those two steps are done, please submit our online Household Jobs Application below.

Submitting your application is easy and it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Simply complete our Online Job Application below and submit your resume and references through the online form.
Please note that in order to register with us, all applicants must meet the following prerequisites:
  1. You can work legally in the U.S. and provide proof of your legal status.
  2. You have two or more years of domestic experience related to the area you want to work in.
  3. You have a current resume/CV. For a free resume template you can use now, please see
  4. You can provide references from at least two past work employers (we prefer that you submit reference letters, but you may submit only phone numbers).

Also, if you have already registered with us, you do not need to register again to apply for jobs. Simply contact us with your current resume to apply.

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If you still have problems submitting our online application, please feel free to download our printable PDF job application here, and email the completed application to  or fax it to 212-390-0017.

Hamptons Employment Agency’s NYC DCA License Number is 2079789-DCA. For information on domestic worker rights from the DCA, please see NYC DCA Household Employee Rights

For labor law information from NY State, please view the NYS Department of Labor’s Domestic Worker Information Document.

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