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"I have worked with Aleksandra since 2008 and it is a pleasure to work with someone that is always professional. Any staff that has been provided is qualified, courteous, and does a great job. I would recommend Aleksandra's placement agency to any friends or family."

— Linda Davis, Southampton, NY

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Property Manager

property managerWe’ll Find You the Right Property Manager…

Let Hamptons Employment Agency, Inc. do the work for you to find the right Property Manager for your residence. Voted “Best Domestic Agency” by Dan’s Papers and featured in publications such as Hamptons Magazine and Millennium Magazine, we help families in Greater New York and Florida find domestic help that meets their unique needs and preferences.

A general description of the domestic staffing position of Property Manager is detailed below.  This summary is by no means all inclusive. Your individual needs will determine the exact responsibilities required.

For additional information on our Property/Estate Managers, please contact us today. Your consultation with Hamptons Employment Agency is free, no-obligation, and completely private.

Property Manager Description

A Property Manager or Household Manager is essentially a chief administrator who bears responsibility for running an Employer’s residence(s). A Property Manager’s role will vary depending on the Employer’s needs and the individual candidate. A Property Manager typically assumes a leadership role in the domestic staff hierarchy. He or she has a wide knowledge base regarding general household management duties. Moreover the Property Manager will usually have a formal education, computer skills, and basic financial skills.

A Property Manager’s exact responsibilities, which depend on the size of the Employer’s domestic staff, generally include liaising with and overseeing vendors and contractors; performing bookkeeping and other accounting tasks; booking travel arrangements; maintaining household security; organizing and running large household events, parties, etc.; managing the household calendar; running errands; managing special projects; and, in larger residences, hiring, directing, and terminating other household staff.

Additional duties — particularly in a residence in which the Estate Manager works without other domestic staff under him — may include Houseman or Housekeeper responsibilities, such as:

In summary, a Property Manager aims to make his or her Employer’s life as easy as possible. The manager wears many hats and is on top of all of the details of an Employer’s residential life. The Property Manager position may be live in or out, but it is often a live-in role. Additionally, when needed, a Property Manager travels with his or her Employer family to other residences and vacation destinations.

Salary for a Property/Household Manager in Greater New York or Florida is based on your particular job requirements and the Property Manager candidate’s experience. Other forms of compensation provided by the Employer, such as benefits and perks, also affect salary requirements for a Property Manager.

Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation, privacy-assured phone consultation. Please call our Hamptons Office at 631-204-1100, our NYC Office at 212-521-4373, or our Florida Office at 561-962-4188. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your domestic staffing needs.

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